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Utkarsh Sansthan is a non-governmental organization (NGO) registered by Uttar Pradesh Government, which is situated in Siddhartha Nagar district of Uttar Pradesh. Siddharthnagar district is the unique legacy of God Buddha. Kapilavastu, the capital of Lord Suddhodhan, Lord Buddha's father, is located in Siddharthanagar district. The land of Siddhartha Nagar, however, is a historic land on which the message of God Buddha's peace is believed to be the whole world. Our earth gave the gift of Buddhism to the whole world through the message of peace, but in the time underlying circumstances Siddhartha Nagar did not develop as much as it was expected, whose main reason was lack of awareness of Lord Buddha, lack of social awareness in the people, The lack of awareness about the importance of education, narrow thinking about girls, and the domination of social evils etc. In such a situation, Siddhartha Nagar district was needed to make such a campaign that people should be made aware of their rights, their positive leadership. And the Utkarsh Sasthan felt its responsibility and the organization was established in 2016 on this thinking and ideology. Utkarsh sansthan is a voice against the social evils. A voice that is committed to the versatile upliftment of youth, children, daughters and women in every section of society. The district has been backward at the grassroots level, as well as still a very big part of the society is far from the awareness, so the purpose of the Utkarsh sansthan is to make every person of the district aware through their programs so that they know their rights and development And the stigma of backwardness can be eradicated from a historical district like Siddhartha Nagar. Today, the Utkarsh Sansthan has come out with its mission which includes "Utkarsh pratibha khoj", "Beti Bachao Beti padhao", Environmental Awareness, Voice Against Dowry" and "Yuva Fighter Blood Donated Team" etc. Today, the Utkarsh Sansthan has some special programs for every person in the society, with the help of which they are working to make the society strong and aware. The organization has had extraordinary success in achieving its goal only within two years of establishment. It is the resolution of the Sansthanthat we will increase the educational, intellectual, social and cultural level of every person of the district so that Siddhartha Nagar district can establish itself on the national map and give importance to this unique heritage of Lord Buddha on the world map. That day is not far away when Siddhartha Nagar will have its own distinct identity. It will be better and prosperous at every level, the quality of the people will be better and it will reach the level of which it is expected. Then going along with Lord Buddha, his message "बुद्धम शरणम गच्छामि" will also be meaningful.

At that time, the Utkarsh Sansthan will consider its establishment and ideology successful. The institution will be proud of its cooperation in making a healthy and prosperous Siddhartha Nagar.

Our Activities



"Education is the key to unclock the GOLDEN door of FREEDOM".


Yuva fighter blood donated team

There is no substitute for blood, it only comes from generous donors.


Motivational seminars

You have two hands. One to help yourself, the second to help others.


Awareness programs

The first step toward change is awareness. The second step is acceptance.


"UTKARSH PRATIBHA KHOJ" is a general knowledge competition in which every year an attempt is made to clean the hidden talent within the students through a written examination based on the modern examination system. Students of Hindi and English medium of different schools are included in this examination according to their class. The purpose of this competition is to introduce a healthy competition among the students of the district, which will increase their knowledge and also prepare students for future competitive examinations. The spirit of competition gives momentum to students' intellectual and mental development. In the competition, the winning students are given computer, mobile, bicycle, tablet, clock, and scholarship etc. in the form of awards. This competition provides a platform for meritorious students to showcase their talents and promote them.


Through this campaign, people are encouraged to donate blood through direct public relations in different areas of the district. The youth are given more importance in this campaign. The members of the institution are told about the importance of donating blood to the youth in the areas and they are motivated to donate blood. For this, camps are also set up in different parts of the district from time to time by the organization, in which a large number of people donate blood for which the institution gives them special honor and certificates. The biggest benefit of this is that if a person donates a donation on the membership of the organization, if he ever needs blood in the future, then the institution is attempting to make him a unit blood free.


This is a continuous program that runs throughout the year. In which a seminar on the invitation of the school through the best skilled trainers and motivators of India is organized by the institution, in which children and teachers are given detailed and interesting information about the changing environment of education. Through this program, it is also highlighted on the best methods of study and ways to deal with problems in studies. It also trains the students along with the teachers so that they can provide quality education. Through this program, students and teachers are given a platform to open dialogue with India's finest motivators, where they can keep their problems or views openly. This program provides inspiration and enthusiasm to the weak children in studies so that they are motivated to study, apart from this, teachers get an opportunity to be trained as per changing environment.


Utkarsh Sansthan works to spread awareness among the various burning issues of society. The organization functions to make every person aware of the society through the choupal, rally, gathering, thoughts, etc. Campaigns of awareness are organized against those who are called as leprosy of society, such as "Dowry System, "Child marriage, "Female foeticide etc. A large number of other important issues like environmental protection, plantation campaign, water conservation, voter awareness etc. are carried out to create a healthy social environment. These awareness programs will prove to be important in building a decent, healthy and strong society.

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Vikrant Mani Tripathi


Anand Jaiswal


Nitesh Pandey

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